Hi Shen, Thanks for the updates, and for your brilliant classes – I knew I needed to do more yoga to keep supple and manage my back for running, but I didn’t expect to enjoy it that much. However my experience this term has exceeded my hopes and expectations, and I really look forward to the class. I booked in at class this week for 17th and 7th, so see you on Monday!
Jane Walton, Horsell
I highly recommend yoga by Shen, I enjoy it so much I go twice a week, to the classes at Sheerwater and Horsell. Shen is an excellent teacher and knows what she is doing what ever you ability she also explains what each movement/pose is doing to your body. The hour session goes very quickly.
Liz Stone
Hi Shen, I just wanted to let you know that I am signing up for a second time. Just also a chance to say that you are a fantastic teacher. These last 10 classes have made a noticeable difference to my well-being. I have so much more body confidence than I did. I thought I should expect to stiffen up, lose my balance etc but your teaching and practice have demonstrated the opposite. I was quite shocked with what I could do last evening (at least on one side 😉 ). Also I am becoming more aware of imbalances in my body and weaker areas, yet areas I assumed were weak , like my knees, are stronger than I thought. All about being more aware of ones body I guess. It has been suggested to me by a doctor that I should practise yoga more than once a week. When you’ve got a moment please could you send me times of your other classes so I can see if any fit my schedule? Fond regards. Namaste.
Teresa Bennett, Woking
Hi Shen, I just wanted to say how much I liked the new side twist Child’s Pose we did on Thursday. It’s AWESOME!!! that I have 10lbs since I started yoga and have now got muscles in places I haven’t had for 20 years!! Yo are so thoughtful in your classes to make sure everyone is able to try each pose especially if they have just started. I just wanted to say thanks. See you on Thursday!!
Caroline Edwards, Woking xxx
Shen, I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and I love your style and although I may not be the most elegant I do feel that it is doing me a lot of good, with flexibility and confidence in trying the moves.
Marion Agnew, Horsell